First Look at Haley Reinhart’s New Song “Last Kiss Goodbye”

The New Single Released June 1st

Haley Reinhart, singer-songwriter and American Idol season 10 finalist, released her new single “Last Kiss Goodbye” today, June 1st. The music video depicts a summery vibe that matches the breezy tune. “Last Kiss Goodbye” can be found online at all digital music retailers.

I had the opportunity to ask Haley about her new song, and this is what she had to say.

KG: What does 'Last Kiss Goodbye' mean to you; what was your inspiration for writing the song?

HR: 'Last Kiss Goodbye' captures a timeless love and the bitter sweet romance that follows when you have to say goodbye. I want to create the feeling like you could be anywhere in the world, (your own slice of paradise) on a date with your lover. Sitting cross legged on my living room floor, this song nearly wrote itself..! That’s how effortless it was for me & my friend/co producer Anders Grahn.

KG: Your new single has a raw, yet soft and carefree vibe. Is this a theme that will carry out into the rest of your new album which comes out later this year?

HR: We shall see! It may stand alone on it’s own as this dreamy summer interlude for the new music to come. I’m hoping to get another album out later this year. For now, I want this song to fill everyone’s loving cup. I get tired of waiting around & sitting on new/old material and so this is my lil’ present to you all, in its most natural form.

KG: How does your new music differ from your past albums?

HR: It’s going to be even more raw & personal. I want to emit a sound that feels soulful, emotional, and true to my core. It‘ll also showcase more originals, which I’m stoked on!

KG: You take part in both writing and producing your own music, how important is it to you to be involved in the process from beginning to end?

HR: It’s very important for me to express myself through writing & producing (music & videos).

I will never regret a single release I’ve written co/produced... because at that time, it was my truth and will always be a piece of me.

KG: Will you be having any solo shows to feature your new music?

HR: My next show is in LA at the legendary Troubadour! Come on down Thursday June, 21st. Tix are on sale now at