First Day Back for
Whitko Faculty & Staff

Welcome Back!

The first day back breakfast and benefits fair was Wednesday, August 11 in Whitko Junior Senior High School. The event precedes a work day in all the school buildings as teachers and staff members return to the classrooms and hallways in anticipation of returning students.

Everyone has an opportunity to greet familiar friends and meet new colleagues during the morning.

This year’s introductions included words of welcome from new superintendent Tim Pivarnik; new principals Amy Evans of the high school, Joe Luce of the Whitko Career Academy and Shanon Layne of Pierceton Elementary School. Bryan Emmert has started his sixth year as the South Whitley Elementary School principal.

Evans, Layne, Luce and Emmert acknowledged their regular supportive staff members and introduced new teachers. Pivarnik introduced members of the central office team.

Businesses or organizations who partner with Whitko personnel, either offering benefits or services, were invited to the first day back breakfast. They were:

South Whitley Community Public Library’s Vicki Builta; VALIC’s Jared Roush; Kosciusko Community Hospital’s Leslie Rohrbaugh; PHP’s Tammy Meeks;
EDUStaff’s Gaye Williams; The Bowen Center’s Jess Rhoades; Whitley County Community Foundation’s Brooks Walker and Andrew Thompson; Whitko Classroom Teachers Association’s Antimony Fox and Teresa Knepple; Costco’s Kola Embry; and Teachers Credit Union’s Cassie Peyton. TCU sponsored the morning’s breakfast, which was prepared by the great high school cafeteria staff.

Whitko's administrators introduce new hires and welcome staff back to the 2021-2022 school year. In the background, new signage can be seen within the Whitko Jr/Sr High School as well as a fresh layer of white paint.