Why Are Data Breaches Becoming So Common?

Attacks spread from a single vulnerable device to many devices or data systems.

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Because bad password or no password is so common; approx 95% of the devices in an oil and gas field can typically be accessed without a password once you’re on the network segment, as an example.

Because attacks spread from a single vulnerable device to many devices or data systems, dramatically expanding the scope of any breach and meaning that a large scale operation is only as secure as its most vulnerable device.

Because organizations rely too much on network security alone rather than securing their assets and applications on the assumption that network security will be bypassed from time to time.

Because humans are fallible - they visit bad web links, they leave data unsecured, they don’t spend the time to determine or follow best practice, they make mistakes. And because too much cybersecurity is manual rather than automated.

Because there are 350,000+ people in the world, many sponsored directly or indirectly by governments, whose principle employment is discovering and implementing cyber attack methods.

Because organizations haven’t done enough to systematize strong cybersecurity - far too much still relies on individuals knowing and choosing to do the right thing. Meanwhile, many assume it won’t happen to them.

Because cybersecurity tools are too hard to use, encouraging users to bypass them. Inconvenient for users = insecure.

Because systems that were isolated or quarantined in the past are getting linked together in ways that create business benefit but which expose them to cyber security attack: everything from automation controllers in a factory thru point-of-sale terminals to cockpit sensors in an aircraft.

Because operations are not getting the cyber security systems they need as they go through digital transformation.

Because everything is getting connected.

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