BREAKING: First-arrest imminent in Mueller’s Trump-Russia Collusion Probe.

The worst Halloween ever for the Trump Regime, as their weekend becomes increasingly spooky…
Who will end up in custody on Monday? Manafort, Flynn or Trump Junior?

Friday Night, Washington D.C., a Federal Grand Jury approved the first charges in an investigation—led by Robert Mueller—into the suspected collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government or intelligence agents.

Two of Flynn's Previous Employers

Two of Flynn's Previous Employers

The persons charged, and the nature of the charges are sealed; though the sources say that arrests may occur as early as Monday!

Robert S. Mueller, III, director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013

Robert S. Mueller, III, director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013

The special counsels office declined to comment on this story at present…

A significant development in Mueller’s probe, as a Grand Jury has approved some indictments against people involved in the election of Donald J. Trump.

Reuters confirmed CNN’s story, seeming to suggest that these charges are upon one single person; there are people making bets online about who this may be…

@Impeach_D_Trump, Twitter

@Impeach_D_Trump, Twitter

“I thought I'd share my betting odds on the Mueller indictment(s)

Manafort 2:1

Flynn 4:1

Page 5:1

Kushner 9:1

Don jr. 10:1

Trump 50:1” — Twitter

Many suspect that it is Paul Manafort, a controversial and problematic member of the Trump campaign—who’s house was hit by a pre-dawn raid by the FBI—something that is usually only reserved for violent or extremely dangerous individuals or gangs…

Others suspect Michael Flynnwho had been working as a foreign agent for Turkey and suspected to be also acting on Russia’s behalf—though again we are purely guessing right now.

The Washington Monument from an Overhead view showing all 50 American flags

The Washington Monument from an Overhead view showing all 50 American flags

For a Grand Jury to approve an indictment, they must have enough evidence to show that a crime has been committed… And Federal Prosecutors typically do not present indictments unless they believe that they can prove them in court—this usually occurs towards the end of an investigation as they require a massive amount of evidence or compelling enough and confirmed evidence to meet this condition.

Mueller is still interviewing multiple people at the White House, this indictment could be the first of many. Renalto Mariotti, lawyer and candidate for Illinois Attorney General believes that Mueller is most likely trying to “flip” Paul Manafort. He is cautiously optimistic about the filing as it could lead to many outcomes, and the reports are so vague that we are truly pulling at strings for now. Everything is speculation.

David Gergen, advisor to four different presidents believes that the charges will be upon Michael Flynn, not Manafort…

“Michael Flynn, you know, was pretty deep into some stuff that was very, very questionable. We know he lied people along the way. If he lied to a variety of people around the White House, there’s a decent chance he lied to the FBI,” — David Gergen on CNN

If not Manafort, other potential top “not having the best weekend” candidates are Carter Page, Michael Flynn and possibly even Donald Trump Junior; who met with a notorious Kremlin-linked lawyer to discuss a potential repeal of the Magnitsky Act in return for “information on Hillary Clinton”.

An interesting development, alarming for the Trump Administration as it both calls into question the validity of their “win” in 2016, and may even lead to family or friends of Donald Trump—or the man himself—to end up in Federal Prison or receive other punitive measures for these crimes.