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Meet Zachary Lalwani, the young entrepreneur impacting the clothing industry

Zachary Lalwani is the epitome of the future of entrepreneurship. Dealing with certain struggles as a result of the CoronaVirus, Zachary was left jobless with a small local clothing line, Prodigy Collections, on his shoulders. Head down, Zachary turned Prodigy into a worldwide brand which is now recognized in over 50 different countries. Expanding rapidly in a 4 month span, Zach continues to branch out while catching the attention of the hottest names in the influencer and music industry. Sporting a Fashion and Fitness collection, Prodigy gives the customer a chance to shop in an all exclusive online store providing all the necessities for your wardrobe. The message of self worth and self confidence fuels the vast and growing community started under Prodigy’s apparel. When asked about the community his brand has worldwide, Zachary stated, “It’s a takeover, nothing more, nothing less.” Only moving the brand online six months ago, Zach continues to power through 2020 to reach the main goal of creating a legacy.