I Hit The Ceiling.

A freewrite from a August 2018 project "Seperation from an Immature Me".

Morning dew was cool to the touch like wet paint.

Look at me, stretched across the lawn at the crack of dawn.

I'm just trying to make it home.

My clothes were wet from the grass, with an elbow now pressed against my neck.

This escalated right after the "Hands up!" call echoed through the early morning hour.

There was no one around that even heard the sounds but me.

Everyone was asleep, the exact same place I was thinking I should be.

I'd drown right now in a pool of plasma if I moved wrong, perhaps drown in what I had to eat last night.



I didn't even make a sound.

With no hesitation, my hands went up.

My house is right there, and I just about had enough.

Air was scarce, my jeans where drenched.

Even lying in cool grass I resulted to cold sweats.

The solo deputee was taking the situation to the limit,

that's until Ms. Timmons left out for her 6am shift.

(Uh Oh)


Ms.Timmons dropped her bags and ran towards the fuss in her front lawn.

My nose was aimed at the curb but for sure I heard her coming.

I remained calm, even though I did nothing wrong.

Except for volunteering to lay on my stomach.

Now a knee is lounged in my neck,

and all my blood is rushing to my head and palms.

"Around here there's no need for the arresting, we teach our own lessons."

Ms. Timmons sees me sneak out often, she wasn't surprised to find me.

(She didn't tell my momma though)

"Let the boy go."


I'm the youngest in the family, but a baby in her eyes.

Every time she sees me, she greets me with a smile.

"I can't let the suspect go. He fits the description," said the officer.

The deputy told me I did a home invasion just a block over.

I never left my street.

My whereabouts were only between me and only me.

The only home I'm trying to invade was my own.

Only 200 yards away, he's making life so hard for me.

"I said let the boy go," demanded Ms. Timmons as she stepped forward.

The bouldering pressure relieved from my neck.

"Good day to you ma'am," said the deputy as he brushed off his damped uniform.

Of course he only grunts at me before he leaves.


Ms. Timmons gave me a moment to gather before I went inside.

She gave me 10 minutes to sputter broken sentences and borderline lies.

Just because I don't see any harm, don't mean that I won't feel any in the hands of the law.

What I did was so small, I didn't add up to what ended up going on before I went home.

After my venting, Ms. Timmons gave me a kiss on the forehead and carried on.

I went inside my home, and threw my hands up.

I hit the ceiling with my invulnerability to the world gone,

just gone.