Cokl Signs with Bethel

Basketball Scholarship for Whitko Senior

SOUTH WHITLEY, IN -- Micah Cokl signed his letter of intent on Tuesday afternoon (November 20th) to attend Bethel College. He will begin playing basketball for the Pilots Junior Varsity program next season under the direction of Coach Jake Nerney.

When asked about what interested Coach Nerney in Cokl and how they went about the selection process of bringing him onto the team, Nerney commented:

"First, when I saw some film of him, his ability to shoot is very very good. He crosses half court and he can hit, you know, he can hit from there. So that was something we were looking for.... Most importantly, he's just a very high character kid. He's a very high student athelete. He's the proto-typical Bethel student athlete that we look for."

Some of the teams that the Pilots look forward to challenging next season with the help of Cokl include junior varsity teams from NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) schools. More specifically, Coach Nerney is looking to take on Goshen, St. Francis, some teams inside of Michigan and a couple of division 3 teams.

The tough competition ahead will lend strong experience to Whitko's Cokl and in the words of Nerney "good experience as a team."

Cokl's family was asked to comment and his father, Randy Cokl shared these kind words, "I'm just really proud of his accomplishments in basketball and here at the high school. He's done a good job."

The season opener for Whitko against Columbia City culminated with a victory for Whitko's Varsity. A good start for the Wildcats.

Micah Cokl signs his letter of intent with family gathered around him. Also pictured: Coach Nerney (Bethel) and Coach Henson (Whitko)