How Companies Can Partner With Philanthropic Efforts

There are two ways we support clients in their philanthropic work: Consulting and Tracking.

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There are two ways we support clients in their philanthropic work: Consulting and Tracking.

1. CONSULTING: Ethos Giving is our social impact firm. We work with corporations, individuals, and foundations committed to moving the needle with their social impact work. Whatever your focus — social services, environmental stewardship, education, the arts, and beyond — we can help your work be exceptional.

* Dream It: We’ll help you establish your purpose. When it comes to social impact, many don’t know where to start. We’ll work with you and your team to determine your passion, how you can make the most impact, and the groundwork needed to make it true. If you already have something in place, we’ll conduct a full audit and deliver a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations to help you get to the next level.

* Build It: We’ll help turn your goals into reality. Social impact requires thoughtful work and deep partnerships. We can help every step of the way: Program development, data tracking, foundation formation, leadership and team training, strategic communications, and beyond.

* Love It: Our work doesn’t stop once the program is built! We’ll help measure and manage your social impact: Staying in contact with key partners to monitor progress and collect stories; helping share the program’s impact with stakeholders; developing KPIs and comprehensive tracking strategies; etc.

* Sub in: Babies are born. Loved ones get sick. Life happens. We’ll keep your social impact work humming when team members are on extended leave. Working with your team to identify responsibilities that need coverage, we’ll support your group throughout the entire process.

2. TRACKING: Philanthropy and CSR professionals need better tools to do their great work. Ethos Tracking is our social impact software, a SaaS platform built to help social impact teams or individuals wrap their arms around their entire portfolio.

* All your good in one place: Existing social impact management platforms only support one piece of the puzzle (ie., volunteerism, grant making, etc.), but no system helps you track all of your good work in one place. Similarly, your organization’s social impact is often supported by various teams and leaders. Ethos Tracking gets everything and everyone on the same page.

* More horsepower: Social good teams are notoriously lean, and in today’s landscape, the work is expected to be more impactful than ever. Ethos Tracking helps nimble teams at every stage of experience punch above their weight.

* Sophisticated tracking: Our tools help you map the totality of your social impact efforts and zero in on key partnerships, trends, and data sets.

* Partnership building tool: Clean management tools save you and your partners time and give you a shared, one-stop data set.

* Better storytelling: Aggregated information allows you to easily access comprehensive data and the best narratives to share your work with the world through communications efforts and CSR reports.

* Full integration: Open APIs support easy data integration with other platforms.

* A ready-built playbook for social good: Incorporates Ethos’ Levers Model to capture the full scope of your contributions to the community.

* Your backstop: Make sure none of your good work falls through the cracks!

Some clients utilize both the consulting and tracking sides of the house. We’d love to discuss how we could best help you – please feel free to reach out!

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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